Bluewhite has the largest online stock of fine Judaica (Jewish symbol) Jewellery in Europe. The Star of David (Magen David) is possibly the best known of all Judaica jewellery and is part of the flag of the State of Israel. The Hamsa (the Arabic number five) is one of the oldest religious symbols on the planet, also known as the Hand of Miriam, it is worn as a protective charm across the Middle East and has come to symbolise peace in recent years. The Chai (Hebrew word for “life”) has the numerical value of 18, considered a Jewish lucky number. Many people give charity donations in multiples of 18, to send as much luck to others as possible. Other Judaica symbols found on the Bluewhite website include the dove (symbolising hope, peace and G-d’s promise for new life), Mezuzah (meaning doorpost in Hebrew and is a replica of the Mezuzah found on Jewish doorposts, containing a parchment with “Hear O Israel, the L-rd is our G-d, the L-rd is One” in Hebrew), and the Ten Commandments (a jewellery-sized replica of the two tablets of stone given to Moses and inscribed by G-d on Mount Sinai).

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