Pesach, or Passover, is the eight-day Spring festival celebrating the Children of Israel’s Exodus from Egypt, from slavery to freedom, from Egypt across the desert for 40 years, to Israel, the promised land. The ritual Seder service, which is observed by Jews of all levels of observance all over the world, is the world’s longest surviving religious ritual, and is celebrated joyfully with people of all ages. There are many restrictions on food at this festival, as the Children of Israel had to leave Egypt in a great hurry, so their bread was unleavened. It is traditional at this time to put away all bread and foods made from flour and eat only Matzah (unleavened crackers) with regular foods. The food served at the Seder service reminds us of the journey taken by the Children of Israel and this story is related to us, as if we were coming out of Egypt today. Bluewhite sells a range of items used to celebrate the Seder service and the whole of the festival of Pesach, including Seder Plates, Matzah Dishes, Pesach and Afikoman covers and Elijah’s cups.

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