Havdalah (Sets and Candles)

The Havdalah service means separation and takes place at the end of Shabbat (Sabbath) when three stars have appeared in the sky. Its purpose is to separate the holy Shabbat day from all other days of the week. It is designed to be a feast for all five senses. There are three main components to a Havdalah set – a Kiddush cup filled with wine, a plaited candle lit to remember Adam and Eve kindling their first fire together and we hold our hands towards the flame in order to see our own reflection, and spices that are smelled for the belief that smell is the only sense that can affect our soul. The Havdalah ceremony requires us to use all five senses – tasting the wine, smelling the spices, seeing the flame from the candle, feeling its heat and hearing the blessings. Bluewhite stocks a beautiful range of Havdalah sets and candles and individual pieces for this unique service, to grace any home.

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