Jewish life and culture revolves so much around food, it is hardly surprising that tableware is a popular category on Bluewhite’s website. From honey spoons, to Challah knives, salt cellars, Shabbat plates, Challah plates/boards, trivets and table protectors, Challah baskets and salad/serving spoons, Jewish tableware is decorated with the images and symbols associated with the Jewish year, representing generations of tradition. We have Kiddush cups, kiddush sets, kiddush fountains, as well as Havdalah sets, candlesticks and challah cloths, to decorate the table each week. On certain festivals, we will use Pesach and Afikoman covers, Seder plates, Matzah plates and Netilat Yadayim towels with the hand washing beakers (Netilat Yadayim cups) themselves. All of these are part of making the Jewish table filled with what we need in order to make a Jewish home.

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