Challah Covers

The Challah cover or cloth is an essential part of the Jewish Shabbat (Sabbath) table. The placement of the challah under the challah cover also recalls the Biblical scene of the manna which the Israelites ate every day following the Exodus from Egypt. When Moses told the people about the manna, he said that it would fall for them every day of the week. However, in deference to the holiness of Shabbat, the manna would not fall on that day. Instead, two portions of manna would fall on Friday, enough for that day and for the Shabbat (Exodus 16:22-26). This is given as the reason for the use of two braided loaves at Shabbat and holiday meals, as the challahs represent the double portion of manna that fell in honor of Shabbat. Each morning the Israelites found the manna in the fields, encased in two layers of dew to preserve its freshness. Therefore, we place the challahs beneath a challah cover and over a tablecloth (or on a challah board) to recreate the miracle of the manna at our own Shabbat tables.
Nowadays, these covers are more and more elaborate and Bluewhite has a wide range to suit all pockets, from brightly-printed, washable polyester, to hand-painted silks, and silk- embroidered finest cotton challah cloths.

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