The World Turns To Jerusalem For Peace – Ben Eliyahu Print

This beautiful print from Israeli artist Ben Eliyahu measures 33cm x 47cm unframed (portrait view, not as shown in our cropped image) and is called “The World Turns to Jerusalem for Peace” a mixture of painting and photography.

About Ben Eliyahu

Ben Eliyahu has been using his artistic talents to express his deep feelings about humanity for many years.  His style when he worked with oil employs contrasts of straight vs. circular, thin vs. thick brush strokes; his impressionistic art employs colors to convey feelings and moods. Acrylic paint lacks the oomph and depth that oil based paints possess.  Consequently for several years he explored other mediums besides canvas which expressed the substance of depth, like 3D Hebrew letters and other mediums which caused the traditional canvass to breath a depth of life.

Gic’lee art represents his latest exploration of combining his art skills with photography.  Art has defects, photography’s precision represents its chief defect.  Feelings, moods, emotions – precision photographs lack the feeling to express.  But it is the precision of photographs as a base material placed upon a canvas, from this foundation impressionistic art builds by blurring the sharp images through the master’s eye of communicating living feelings through colours and brush strokes.


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