About Us

Who we are

Specialising in Judaica, BlueWhite is an Anglo-Israeli company, founded as a family business in 2004, by two sisters, one living in Israel, one living in the UK. We are contactable via email, and aim to answer any questions within a few hours. During holiday periods, we aim to reply within 72 hours.

Company Ethos

Our company was started to help and encourage members of all communities to buy art and Judaica, uniquely designed and made in Israel. BlueWhite aims to showcase new artists, and offer practical support to Israel, whilst providing a much needed service to the community, by bringing Israel to the UK, for those who cannot afford to go, or who feel that the current situation prevents them visiting for the moment.

We aim to support artists whose work is made in Israel, so that the local economy is being supported properly. This includes artists who work with all the peoples of Israel, both Jews and Arabs. However, we do also support companies who design in Israel, employ in Israel, but also choose to manufacture in many different countries. By working in this way, we are trying to promote peace and economic stability in the Holy Land.

We also aim to help those who are not Jewish to buy gifts for their Jewish friends, by giving clear explanations of all our products.